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Quite simply, our mission is to provide you with a means to economically produce a carbon neutral, renewable energy product.

We will assist you in preparing your budget for construction as well as for operation.

We will help you zero in on locating raw material in your geographical area and advise you if our numbers show that there is not adequate material available.

We will assist in all aspects of the permitting process, from zoning through environmental.

We will assist in all equipment purchases, balancing high quality with maximum value.

We will make sure that you order and have on hand all necessary spare parts.  Most spare parts are also stocked at our warehouse in Coeur d’Alene, ID.

We will help you start up the plant and we will help train your initial production crew.

We will be here to advise you when you need to change your process, whether it is a change in raw material, a change in equipment, or a plant expansion.

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