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Through 18 years of production experience, we found the German engineered Münch pellet mills to be rugged and economical. 

The Münch RMP-650 is powered by two 150hp motors and can turn out pellets at the rate of 3 tons per hour or more.  The rugged design features shear pins and/or keys at each critical loading position so that, even on the rare occasion that a machine jams on a chunk of bad material, the repair usually only involves re-alignment and replacing the pin or key before you are operational again.


The Münch SDCC-A series Pellet Cooler is a hydraulically operated counter flow pellet cooler.  It is available in stainless or mild steel.

New Cooler Cyclones and Cyclone Airlocks are preferred.  They can be built of Stainless Steel or Mild Steel with an epoxy coat inside and out.  We can evaluate all of the dust collection duct work, custom design it to match your plant layout, and we can also locate the new or used Baghouse.


Finished product storage bins are available from many manufacturers in the U.S.A.  Our long relationships with these manufacturers allow us to help you choose a sturdy, easy to assemble bin that keeps the product dry and ready to bag or load into your bulk containers.
The dryer system is one of the most critical sections of any pellet plant that starts with green raw material.  Our experience with drum dryers goes back to our first days.  We have installed dryers by many manufacturers over that time (both new and used).  This experience enables us to help you choose the best dryer for your application.


The last step is a bagging system.  We work with bagger manufacturers from Amsterdam to Venice to Wisconsin to provide the best solution for your plant.

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